Writing Services

You have business expectations and a sales team breathing down your neck, eager for leads to come in. What can you do to feed the funnel?

Hire a freelance writer to drive content-based lead generation!

Easier said than done, right?

Finding the right freelance writer for your business and industry can be a daunting task. You need someone who understands what you do and who your customers are, or at least, someone who can learn those crucial elements quickly.

I’m the freelance writer who can bring in not just any leads but those prospects who are most likely to buy.

Through my services, you can build brand awareness and thought leadership. It’s with those two content marketing goals that you’ll see qualified leads pour in.

Writing Service Packages

You might just want blog posts, or you have a large-scale content package in mind. My services are expansive enough to give you what you need while also specialized to ensure quality.

These are the content formats you can choose from or combine in any way you need:

  • Advertisements
  • Blog posts
  • Brochures
  • Case studies
  • Content calendars
  • eBooks
  • Emails
  • Press releases
  • Strategies
  • Social media posts
  • Website copy
  • Whitepapers

What is your own unique reason for being on this mission for a freelance writer?

If lead generation is your goal, remember that brand awareness and thought leadership are essential elements to that process. As a freelance writer, I can help expedite the sales funnel by creating content that draws people in, keeps them engaged, and shows them the next steps.

Past Work

My past work is accessible around the web and world. If you want to see a particular content type not shown here, reach out with your interest.

Blog Posts

How Ecommerce Brands Can Drive Qualified Leads from Social Media written for Hootsuite

The 10 Best Enterprise Mobile App Development Tips written for Stuzo


Virtual Forge CodeProfiler product brochure


The All-in-One Blogging Handbook written for my other website

Press Releases

Mission-Based Startup Addresses Ebook Accessibility in Mainstream and Educational Media written for the Wehrman Collaborative

Website Copy

Mobile App RFP white paper landing page written for Stuzo

White Papers

How to Issue a Mobile App RFP [with Template] written for Stuzo


“Annaliese’s ability to understand the structure of good writing is a natural skill that can’t necessarily be taught. She is talented in her ability to compose concise, intelligent prose that informs, educates and leads the reader to the article’s intended focus.”

Lynn Wehrman, Founder and President of The Wehrman Collaborative

“Annaliese’s experience and drive made her a very reliable subject matter expert at Stuzo. She was quick to release a well thought out blog and was always helpful when it came to collaborating with sales.”

Josh Wolf, Director of Inside Sales at Stuzo

Ready to Get Started?

You don’t have to wait for some distant time to get the written pieces you need today. Contact me to discuss your needs and what I can do to solve them.

You can also call: 1-267-507-5656.