Annaliese Henwood: Freelance Writer for Hire

As a business with a sales funnel, you’ll want to use content marketing to assist with filling it with qualified leads.

How do you get a new website visitor to become an interested lead? Then, how do you get that lead to make a purchase? How do you get that new customer to make a repeat purchase and/or vouch for your brand?

That’s where I come in.

I’m Annaliese Henwood, a freelance writer and the sole owner of this site. I’m here to bring your business more sales opportunities.

Writing Background

Common best practice is to detail why you should trust what I offer. How does my experience make me qualified to write for your business?

It starts with my career history.

I started my career as a marketing professional, specifically in a content marketing role. I spent almost 10 years creating a wide variety of written pieces, including all the formats I offer now as a freelance writer.

My career began with nonprofit internships, but I moved to business marketing in 2013. It is with both my volunteering and employments that I was able to develop my current skill set and apply it in the real world.

So you want more specific information about my business experience. I’d be happy to describe it here…

Public Relations

Starting in the Fall of 2013, I worked at the Wehrman Collaborative (“WeCo”) as a public relations intern. Although I did write press releases and pitched to reporters for event exposure, my responsibilities didn’t end there.

I created a social media strategy after doing a thorough audit of their accounts. I also implemented the strategy by revamping their social profiles and posting to their accounts daily. They had accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

In the Spring of 2014, my internship ended and I moved on to my next experience.

Content Marketing

In the Summer of 2014, I began working with Virtual Forge as their Content Marketing Specialist. Most of my work involved copywriting for brochures and presentations, but I also led the creation of a case study and event booth displays.

My employment with Virtual Forge ended when I sought more varied experience. I left to work with a new company named Stuzo.

Multipurpose Marketing

As their Marketing Specialist, I received the varied experience I sought. I wrote a whitepaper for lead generation purposes, gating it behind a landing page (no longer live) with the copy I wrote. I then promoted the offering on social media and through Google AdWords advertisements.

Among those responsibilities, I also created emails, social media posts, and sales collateral. Stuzo had a dormant social media presence when I started there, and their blog wasn’t active either. I was in charge of writing multiple blog posts a week and reviving their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Freelance Writing

When my time at Stuzo ended, I realized that full-time employment at a single company wasn’t the right path for me. I refocused my career to solely writing, leaving my marketing career behind.

Even though I had built a well-regarded marketing blog on my own as well as established myself on social media as a marketer, I needed to do what I was best at and what I loved: writing.

I left my marketing career behind in the Fall of 2016 and began freelancing soon after. It started with writing guest blog posts for marketing blogs. These are a couple of my best samples:

On the Hootsuite blog: How E-commerce Brands Can Drive Qualified Leads from Social Media

On the CoSchedule blog: How to Create Effective Blog Posts That Convert Like Crazy

I ran my own marketing blog from Fall 2014 to Summer 2018 before I moved on to this site. My most popular posts were about using various marketing tactics for lead generation. I also self-published four digital books. Though my marketing website is no longer live, you can access a copy of each book here:

My goal is your goal: to bring your business success through content writing efforts. My wide range of experience gives you a taste of what I can do for your own business.

Hire Me as Your Freelance Writer Today

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