About Your Freelance Writer

Your business depends on a steady flow of sales, so how do you drive…

Interested website visitors to…

Converted leads to…

Loyal customers to…

Brand advocates?

That’s where I come in.

I’m Annaliese Henwood, a freelance writer and the owner of this website. I’m here to bring you more business opportunities.

My Background

You’re looking for a freelance writer to assist with lead generation for the sales team. You need to find someone with more than a typical writing background.

Business writing involves a need for marketing and sales knowledge – more than just writing capabilities.

That’s why I sought after certifications and experiences that would teach me what I need to know. I earned certifications through HubSpot Academy, a prestigious honor because of their thorough and effective courses.


I’m certified in the Inbound Methodology. This means I’m knowledgeable of the marketing purpose in the sales process. I know how to bring in website visitors and take them through the funnel until they become loyal customers and advocates for your brand.

I’m also certified in Content Marketing. Through this course, I learned how to create content, including written pieces, that will drive sales. It’s through this certification that I became more knowledgeable of how writing content can support business goals.

My certification in Email Marketing has helped me develop a better understanding of how to create emails that nurture recipient interest. It’s through this nurturing that I’m able to take those recipients and make them customers – or even repeat customers.

I’m currently working on my Social Media and Inbound Marketing certifications as well. I plan to have those two certifications by the end of August 2018.

The Social Media certification will help me create posts and materials for the various platforms that engage business audiences and drives them to your website. With the right content, your social media presence can boost sales. It simply requires patience because it’s all about relationship-building.

The Inbound Marketing certification resembles my existing Inbound one, but it differs in its focus. With this new course, I’ll learn how to apply my content creation and all other marketing certification knowledge toward the ultimate business goal: sales.


Writing is an art form that can come naturally like it does for me. That doesn’t mean it can’t be enhanced by experience.

I’ve said before that freelance writing is not my first career path, but writing itself has always been my best asset.

I used my marketing roles to learn everything I can about creating a wide array of content formats. With an eclectic writing skill set, I’m able to serve your business with the content types you need all from one source.

My first role in business marketing was with the Wehrman Collaborative, a B2B website accessibility startup. I learned how to write press releases that brought in interest for that topic and the company.

With WeCo, I also gained experience creating social media strategies and activity. I audited their existing account activity to build a new approach that would be even more effective.

My next role was with Virtual Forge, a B2B cyber security company. While with this company, I learned how to create case studies from the very beginning (interview) to the near end (final approval).

I also created product and company brochures with designer collaboration. With the designer’s assistance, we were able to make brochures that stand out and inform effectively.

After Virtual Forge, I joined Stuzo, a B2B mobile app development startup. I did all their marketing for them, including blogging, white papers, website copy, and social media.

At Stuzo, my primary goal was to boost lead generation, so I decided a gated white paper was the way to start. I wrote the document and landing page copy while website designers did the rest. We made the lead generation campaign look great, and with a little social media promotion and advertising, we brought in leads.

For years, even while employed elsewhere, I dedicated time independently to build my own digital presence. I built on my thought leadership through blogging (and guest blogging), writing ebooks, and engaging with the social media world.

I established myself well while also teaching myself much about effective writing. I enhanced my knowledge of business practices so that I can write content that assists with their end goal.

After all of this education and experience, I’m confident I can assist your business with your content writing needs. When you’re ready to discuss the next steps, contact me here.